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Dealing with Songkran electricity bill shock

Summertime in Bangkok means bill shock. Every year around April/May the mercury pushes past 35° – and 1D Property gets calls from regular clients about their electricity bill, which in some cases has doubled or worse. No, your supplier isn’t taking advantage of the hot weather to rip you off. More likely, your aircon and fridge are working overtime just to keep pace.
To keep bills in check, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority recommends the following:
1. Keep your aircon at 26° for efficiency.
2. Get 1D Property to check your aircon is being serviced twice a year.
3. When you get home, open the windows for a bit to let the hot air out before you turn on the aircon.
4. Switch to high performance air conditioners (SEER).
5. Check the seals of your fridge.
The Bottom Line: You shouldn’t be paying more because your landlord isn’t fulfilling their end of the deal. We can help. Call us!


Wandee (Lekky) Iamyoung is the owner of 1D Property. She is both a Thai and an Australian. She moved back to Bangkok with her expat husband and their daughter after many years in Australia.

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Wandee Iamyoung (Lekky), Owner