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Pest control: What’s included in your Bangkok rental contract

By Wandee (Lekky) Iamyoung

We’ve had a few queries from renters – and some issues – regarding pest control, so lets clarify what’s included, and what isn’t, in your Bangkok rental contract.

Including a pest control service every 6 months in rental contracts is common in Bangkok. BUT, in many cases your landlord will only wear the cost of termite control, and not things like cockroaches, wasps, fleas, flying thingies etc. They’re basically looking to protect their property from damage, while all the other invasive thingamabobs that are simply nasty, disgusting, annoying, filthy or unhealthy are the renter’s problem.

However, like everything in Thailand, the better landlords are flexible and can be persuaded…if you have a good Bangkok property agent like 1D Property who is prepared to actually do some work! There is no such thing as a standard rental contract in Thailand, so we do a thorough check for pest control clauses (and everything else). Our own rental agreement template now makes it very clear what pest control service you’re getting, but if you’re using your landlord’s contract then we will review it carefully for you.

Pest control is anywhere between 5,000 Baht and 25,000 Baht per time, so if your service is at the lower end then chances are it’s for termites only. Contact me and let’s see if I can negotiate a better service for you. 😉


Wandee (Lekky) Iamyoung is the owner of 1D Property. She is both a Thai and an Australian. She moved back to Bangkok with her expat husband and their daughter after many years in Australia.

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